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My Rating- 5/5

Author- Deepak M.R

This book contains a collection of 12 short stories from the Mahabharata.

The initial stories focus on the main characters, but the later ones are stories retold by Yuyutsu to Parikshit.

The best thing about this book is that the stories that are not highlighted in Mahabharata, like the story of Sahadeva and Lord Agni, Bheema getting the beautiful flowers for Draupadi etc., can be found in this book. Another less known fact of Ghatotkacha's son is also mentioned.

Usually, the story of Mahabharata ends with Yudhishthira becoming the king after the great war. That's not the case here, stories of Yudhishthira’s journey to heaven, Janamejaya and Parikshit are also included which makes the read interesting.

Overall, it's a great book that contains interesting and rare stories from the Mahabharata written beautifully. It is worth reading and is recommended to all people of all ages, especially mythology lovers.

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